The Mental Body governs how we think and the ability of accessing the knowledge within and the wisdom around us. In our Aura it connects into the third layer of the Aura and its energy mainly vibrates the colour yellow.
The Mental Body works with past life knowledge, knowledge learnt from both other people and our environment, and then the knowledge we learn from others in forms of study from courses, writings or speeches that has been collected from our experiences. We also have access to a sense of wisdom that our mental body can draw from. Wisdom is purely a deeper understanding of knowledge, an ability for one to see the bigger picture and grasp the importance of what a collection of knowledge means. Some of us are born with a greater sense of wisdom, others obtain it over their lifetime. It is the moments when you understand why you have been collecting certain types of knowledge or why you have been experiencing your lessons in life. Those beautiful ah ha moments in life. Then there is also those of us that have an ability to draw on universal wisdom which is the ability to tune into the universe around us – the unseen world and begin to understand not only what truly exists around us but also what it communicates and teaches us.
When the Mental Body is under stress, we will find that we can’t think straight, decision making is difficult and we can’t find that sense of clarity. We may even feel like our brain is foggy.
To support your mental body then first of all you need to pay attention to the clarity of your mental wellbeing each day. For example if you come home from work unable to think straight – ask yourself what kind of stress did you experience this day. If it was an unusual once off stress, then you can do something relaxing and nurturing to release this energy such as such as listening to music or doing a hobby that you really enjoy. However, if you are experiencing the same kind of stress everyday then this will put quite a bit of pressure on your mental body and while little up lifting measures like music, friends company, aromatherapy or movies can help you maintain this stress, in the long term you will feel the strain. The result is often a long term brain fog, feeling like you can’t quite get on top of things or perhaps not able to connect to your intuitive self as easy.
So here you need to ask yourself the hard questions like – Is this experience supporting my overall well-being?  If not then it may be its time to make decisions in order to find an alternative that is more supportive to your well-being.

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