Our Energy System – our 4 Main Energetic Bodies

In much of my work and through my teachings, I talk about our four main energetic bodies and how to bring them into balance. These energetic bodies refer to the four core areas of energy within the Aura, these are the Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body and Spiritual Body. Below is the Physical Body and the start of my blog posts that will go through each of these areas.

Our Energy System – The Physical Body

Although we may not initially think of our physical body as an energetic one, if we think about how our bodies feel and how our body can communicate with us when out of balance, then we can begin to understand how we can relate to it as energy body.
Our Physical Body communicates with us all the time, for example when we listen we know when we should exercise, we know what we should eat it order to best support it and we can feel our bodies react to certain environments. Our bodies can react directly to positive environments such as an abundant natural one and then it can react negatively to disruptive energy such as major power lines. Our bodies are beautiful vessels of energy and just as vital to bring into balance as the other main energetic bodies.

The Body is also where our Aura starts. The first layer – the Etheric Layer, begins within the skin of our body and goes out about 3-5 cm away from our body. It reflects everything our body is experiencing and gives us a true reflection of the what is occurring within our body. By tuning into this layer we can feel or know what the Physical body is trying to communicate to us.

Supporting the physical body is to listen to it its needs and then act on them. Don’t ignore symptoms that may appear – ask yourself what is body reacting to and how can I best support it. This could be that you need a change in diet, exercise, environment or even to people in your life. You may know exactly how to best help it or you may be drawn to seek guidance from a professional practitioner. So practice listening to your body and ask it how you can best support it.