Aura Healing

An Aura Healing is a powerful energy healing that gently works through the Aura to remove any blockages such as: negative or unwanted energy, old energy patterns, psychic attack and past life issues; all of which may be clouding a person’s energy. This type of healing is an intuitive based healing that involves clearing and balancing your Aura, clearing and re-aligning your Chakras, and identifying any issues you may be facing on your soul journey.

Aura Healing session Session is $ 75 AU (GST Included) Duration is approx 60 min, however please allow an extra 15min for your first appointment. Online healing sessions are available through Zoom (or similar) and these work through working with your spirit guardians, and utilising meditation healing techniques. 

To book a session or find out more information then please contact me hereSarah has over 18 Years experience with Aura Healing and also offers practitioner teaching in this healing discipline.  (Please click here for information on Practitioner Training)