Phone Sessions

Are you drawn to working with me but don’t live near one of my South Australian Clinics? Or perhaps you prefer the idea of receiving a treatment in the comfort of your own home?

This is where a Phone session can help and how it can be just as powerful as being there in person.

Let me explain further – 


How does a phone session work?

To begin with, each phone session starts with a small discussion and one of the questions I will ask you is what has inspired you to have a session with me today, as this will help to set the intention for the healing.

Following this, I will ask if you are in a comfortable space. You can either lie down or sit up for the session, which ever you find more comfortable. Also because sometimes music can come through the connection distorted, I will ask that if you would like background music then play something that you find relaxing on your end. It is also important that you are warm so have an extra blanket ready in case you need it.

Next I will create a sacred space between the two of us and then talk you through a short relaxation meditation before beginning the healing. In most circumstances you won’t then hear from me again until we reach the close, where I will gently bring you out of your relaxation state. However on occasion, I will be asked by your spiritual guides to gain your permission to remove something from your Aura, or to cut an energetic cord that is causing you harm however this doesn’t occur very often.

After the healing has come to a close, I will explain what I found in your energy fields, what I cleared away and where your energetic body needed the most support. Plus I will also pass on any messages that I receive from your Spiritual Guides during the session.

How does it differ from an in person session?

You might be surprised to learn that it really doesn’t differ much from an in person session. 

When I create the sacred space between us and begin the healing, I can actually feel your energetic body on my massage table, exactly as if you were there in person. I then move throughout your Aura, cleansing and clearing negative or unwanted energy and then bring your energy back into balance. During this time, I also work with your spiritual guides during the session to ensure your energy field is clear, rejuvenated and in perfect alignment by the end of the session.

So throughout this process, I am able to feel your energetic body in the same way as I would if you were there in person. It is a very powerful process and one that has had some extremely positive results.

How do I make an appointment?

Simply go to my bookings page to make an appointment.


My Intuitive Wisdom Session was fantastic! Sarah is lovely to talk with, and she helped me to clear a blockage I had to my psychic abilities.

I received energy exercises to continue my development, and I feel my abilities have definitely awakened since my session.

I highly recommend connecting with Sarah and using the services offered.

(Phone Session)

Michelle, Mount Gambier

I first met Sarah when participating in my first Reiki workshop. Greeted with a warm, calm and friendly smile in a beautiful Adelaide Hills setting. The first workshop was outstanding, clearing some personal blockages and reigniting my spiritual pathway.

I am always excited to visit Sarah for a Reiki “tune up” as my sessions with her are always powerful. After my sessions I feel calm, relaxed, clear, present and more intuitively aware.

Sarah is a true healer and a kind and loving teacher. I am so grateful that my journey has led me to her.

Amanda, Heathfield SA

Sarah’s work is amazing.

I was a little sceptical about the concept of remote treatments but the connection is definite. 

Thoroughly recommend. 

(Phone Session)

Rani, Adelaide SA