The Emotional Body stores our Vibrational Feelings, so in other words, whenever we have strong emotion in our lives, the Aura holds this emotion and stores it as vibrational energy.
When a blockage comes up for us to deal with, then we consciously or unconsciously tap into that vibration and the moment we do, the vibrational feeling will transform back into actual emotion and we feel it through our physical body once more.
This is called our emotional intelligence, and most of us find it difficult when an old emotion rises to the surface. However, by acknowledging these emotions we can begin to understand the blockages behind them. All events that have affected us in some way have linked emotions and sometimes when certain events in our life have impacted us greatly then we often bury the memory deep within our subconscious as its too painful to bare. However, for us to move forward in life then we must begin to heal so quite often the best place to start is through acknowledging these emotions.
Ask yourself where does it sit within my body? What am I ignoring that I need to address? Try not to push the emotion away but instead bring your attention to it and you will find that the understanding of this emotion will begin to intuitively come to you. However sometimes we need a trusted friend, or health care practitioner to help us understand what we are feeling, and it is important that we address this.
A healthy emotional body helps us to understand our energetic system and our journey forward, and thus it is so important that we feel, hear, and acknowledge its wisdom.

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