Over the years, I have had many people come to see me for their first Reiki session and often, they are quite nervous simply because they are unsure what to expect. In fact quite often, having a Reiki healing is usually the first experience into what many people consider an alternative therapy when in fact the channeling of Reiki (life force energy) is a natural ability that we all have. Often clients have questions such as ‘Will I feel anything?’ or ‘Will it help me with current pain/issue?” or even “Will it help to increase my psychic ability?” – all of which is possible but let me explain a little bit further.

Firstly, you need to know that we all have a natural healing ability within us. Think about what you intuitively do when you hurt yourself – you place a hand over that place on your body, and if you leave it there long enough, you may even notice your hands warming up. Instantly you have began to channel energy and this is Reiki. In fact our bodies have a natural ability to heal ourselves and we are doing this every day, often without even thinking. How we are doing this, is through the channeling of life-force energy. Life-force energy is present everywhere and is used by every plant, human and animal on this earth. It circulates within and around us and the main source of this energy is the earth itself – which is why we feel so renewed when we spend time in nature. This Life Force energy has also been called many things such as Prana, Divine energy, Chi and simply Energy just to name a few.

Life-force energy is what maintains our energetic body and when your life energy is low then you are more prone to illness, so this energy is vital for every living thing. It is the energy that connects us the earth, to our higher self and with everything around us. Besides Reiki there are many disciplines that have been developed to use and work with Life-force energy to help maintain balance within. Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga, and Feng Shui are just a few of the many ways besides Reiki that individuals can use to enhance the flow of this energy within their energetic system.

So how can Reiki help? – When our life becomes out of balance, then we can become blocked, which may appear as a physical block such as headaches, an emotional block such as teary without reason, or mental blocks when we feel like we are in a fog. When we enter this state of unbalance then our natural ability to bring in lifeforce energy for ourselves becomes more difficult and this is where a Reiki treatment can help.

A Reiki session will begin with you lying on a massage table (fully clothed) and often with enough pillows and blankets to make you feel comfortable. In my practice, there will be gentle music playing in the background and you will be encouraged to close your eyes, take some nice deep breaths and relax. Reiki is then applied through a light touch or slight hover over different hand placements over the body. When this occurs there is an intention of channeling Reiki (lifeforce) energy at each hand placement. Lifeforce energy is a positive force and no matter where my hands are, the energy will naturally be drawn to any collection of negative energy within the body. This will then clear away the excess blockages, opening the way for the client’s natural healing ability to do the rest.

Every Reiki treatment is unique, and this is because of the role that the client’s natural healing ability takes. Most people come out of a Reiki treatment feeling relaxed, clear headed and more at ease within their body. Some clients come out of a treatment with ailments healed or feeling empowered to move forward in their lives, and sometimes it takes several treatments before they start feeling the change they want. It all depends on why the client has come for a Reiki healing as the answer of what happens next lies within the client themselves. The practitioner of Reiki is just a facilitator, we do not diagnose any ailments or presume anything about the client, instead we are holding a safe space for the client and filling the clients body with extra healing life-force energy in order for space to be created for the client’s own healing process to be activated.

A Reiki treatment usually lasts for an hour and during the session you may feel warmth, tingling or waves of energy moving through you. Most people feel relaxed and some even fall asleep. There is no one way that you should be feeling during a Reiki healing as everyone is different however now that if at anytime you do feel uncomfortable and need to voice something or move in a different position on the massage table then it is important that you do say something because Reiki will be at its most powerful when you are comfortable.

If you have any further questions about Reiki or you wish to book a Reiki treatment then please message me here.