Today we are surrounded by the beautiful energy of a Virgo new moon, a new moon that invites us to embrace our life, to be aware of what energy you are embodying right now and if it is energy that no longer benefits you, then it is this new moon that will highlight a path of change. One that you will sense within your intuitive thoughts over the next couple of days.

For some of us, it may feel like an emotional time as old wounds may shift to the surface for clearing, as the energy of a Virgo New Moon is one that favours purification on all levels – our homes, our thoughts and our physical bodies. It is an energy that has a way of nutting out what is no longer working for us but then guiding us through our intuitive voice on what the next step is, so here we must listen to our true voice within and trust what we are perceiving.

It is the perfect time for cleansing rituals, starting new daily routines and getting those jobs down that we have been putting off.

Questions to ask during this new moon are:

  • Am I making my wellbeing a priority?
  • What projects need Virgo’s finer detail approach?
  • Do you pay too much attention to the little things that leave you feeling that you worry or complain too much?

Finally, Virgo is a sign that is connected to the energy of devotion, the feeling of being connected and dedicated to something greater than yourself – whether it’s a cause, a personal mission, our plant or your spiritual journey. So maybe think about whether you are feeling a call to something greater than yourself? What captures your attention in everyday life and possibly holds your devotion?