Full Moon in Taurus, Friday the 19th, 7.23pm SA Time.
A Micro Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse

Ok let’s face it – the universal energy of late is all over the place and there are days where I am sure many of you have felt that roller coaster – and of course there are many astrologists talking about it. But what if we can cut through that energy and focus in really getting ourselves back on track.

This Full moon and Lunar eclipse are in Taurus, is a magical moon to state your affirmations and intentions. A Taurus full moon will also encourage you to slow down and really be present in the moment – to truly see and know what you are manifesting into being.

This is the key, to turn off what everyone else is saying, to step away from all forms of media, to find a quiet space this evening to feel the earth, to hear your heartbeat and to call your energy back so it is just you and the moon. Taurus will help you do that – to bring you to the present moment.

Micromoon is when a New or Full moon is at the point in the moon’s orbit that is farthest away from the earth, leading the moon to appear smaller than usual. So to work with this moon we need to focus and really acknowledge the long-lasting results of our wishes as the manifesting energy really reflects more of a long term goal. This is also reflected in the eclipse energy as it intensifies your goal in a way that it will ripple out a lot further into your life. So really understand what you are manifesting this day and use this energy to pull yourself back into the life that you want to move forward with.