Rose Quartz is considered to be the stone of love, in all the forms of love but especially one of unconditional love. It is a stone that helps to give courage to heal emotional wounds, to gently dissolve the walls around our heart and to open us up to the many opportunities of love. Although there are many crystals out there that vibrationally tune into the heart, it is the Rose Quartz that does so in such a gentle way that we don’t even notice that our love issues have slowly made their way to the surface and entered our awareness to be healed.

It is a kind and gentle enough for children of all ages, including teenagers where this stone is able to gently work to their Auras, even when they go through so many hormonal and transitional changes, it helps to bring their heart energy into balance. Yet despite its gentleness, Rose Quartz is actually quite powerful in helping us to see our selves with loving eyes. To show us where we are negative in lives and help to lift us from when we experience self-doubt. To help us to allow space in the heart to journey within and understand the true power of the love we are capable of.

This stone also helps us to:
• Quiet the emotions,
• Brings peace of mind,
• Dispel fear.
• Reduces stress and soothes the nerves.
• Helps to restore harmony after chaotic emotional experiences.
• May reduce aggression and resentment and help to bring forgiveness.
• Assists with the development of tolerance and to restore self-esteem.
• Excellent for children as its works very gently.
• Also excellent for elderly and those at the end of life as it helps to peacefully let go of attachments and enter the new realm at the end of their earthly existence.

This gem is associated with the Heart Chakra and can help us to establish emotional connection with others, develop trust, feel empathy, and allow us to experience love and self-love, especially when we think that we do not deserve to be loved.

Like other quartz varieties, rose quartz is characterized by high conductivity. This quality makes it a perfect and powerful healing stone, and excellent in Crystal Healing.

Its peaceful energy helps fortify and heal relationships and dispel negativity from areas where people interact. The gem is believed to clear electromagnetic radiation and should be placed near computers and TV sets. It must, however, be cleansed and recharged very often since it absorbs negativity.