The Spiritual Body governs over half of our Aura as it includes the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh layers of the Aura. Unlike the first 3 bodies mentioned in previous blogs that connect with the physical plane, the spiritual body connects to the Astral and Spiritual Plane and operates at higher vibrational levels to the previous 3 layers.

The Aura Layers within the Spiritual Body are:

  • The Astral Layer: This layer connects to our Heart Chakra. The Astral Layer can be described as clouds of colour that are reflected from the Chakras which show their true rainbow colour within this layer however each colour is often infused with rose light, representing the energy of love. This layer of the Aura links us to the Astral Plane, the dimension where many of our spiritual guides dwell and where they communicate to us from. In fact, the more we open up to our heart and the love that is around us, then the more we gain an awareness of these beautiful beings that are guiding us.
  • The Etheric Template Layer: This layer connects to our Throat Chakra and is the first of the next 3 layers that connects us to the spiritual plane. It is through the Etheric Template that we receive information from the spiritual plane in forms of images, ideas and messages. However the core characteristic of the Etheric Template Body is that it holds a perfect blueprint of the lower Etheric Body, the first layer of the Aura and thus the physical body always has a perfect image within its structure to bring healing to itself. Its appearance appears as a blueprint, like the negative of a photograph.
  • The Celestial Layer: The Celestial Layer connects to our Third Eye Chakra and is associated with processes of enlightenment. It has a fine field of coloured energy that can gives such high vibrational souls the appearance of a halo around their head. The Celestial Body is the emotional level on the spiritual plane. It gives us access to higher qualities of feelings, thoughts, and manifestations, and it is where our psychic guidance comes from.
  • The Ketheric Template: The Ketheric Template Layer connect to the Crown Chakra and is known to be the last layer that holds the whole Aura together and often seen in an egg shape. This layer consists of tiny threads of gold and silver light that form a highly structured template containing a golden grid structure of the physical body and all the chakras. The Ketheric Template is associated with the Divine or Universal Consciousness and on the spiritual plane, it is considered as a higher spiritual mental body and it extends out into both the conscious and unconscious planes and holds the energy of oneness with the universe. This layer also holds the energy of our present incarnation and contains the soul contract of the individual in this lifetime.

There are a couple of ways to keep our Spiritual body healthy, so here is a couple of suggestions:

  • Grounding – One of the most important things to do, yet it seems the hardest in our busy lives. Try and find time to go outside each day, and in the warmer weather, go for walks in a forest or beach where you are surrounded by nature. It will help you to ground any negative energy and help to open up your spiritual channels.
  • Meditation – Meditation can help with centering, clearing your thoughts, connecting you to the spiritual realms, deepen your intuition and if you visualise yourself in nature then it can also help with grounding when its too cold to go outside.
  • Practice listening to your intuition – Trust yourself! We all get those little messages, yet so many of us doubt them. Begin to listen, and honour the voice within – its time to trust your wisdom.

This is the last post in my energy system series. If you would like to know more about the Aura and Chakra System then take a look at my Aura Healing Practitioner Courses. The next one is in Adelaide, in a couple of weeks on the 8th & 9th of September.

Blessings Sarah