Gemini New Moon: Monday May 30th, 2022 9.00pm (SA Time)

A Gemini New Moon teaches us to listen and trust our intuition, but it does so with such a curious nature as it loves to explore new things. So allow Gemini’s curious nature to help you get in touch with your intuition. Let it encourage you to explore your environment in every detail, to look beyond what is in your immediate circle and conscious mind and see the unseen. There are blessings that have been hidden in plain sight and through tapping into the intuitive wisdom you will begin to uncover them.

However, be careful of mental distractions.

Having that curious nature and diving into new things can also lead you down pathways that are not in line with your intuitive path – yes these new pathways may look pretty cool and others may be into it – but is it you?

This is where it is so important to check in with your intuition as you explore. The Gemini Season can be exciting as it opens up new doorways however there is always the risk of too many distraction doorways appearing that you find yourself not being able to keep up with them all and then you lose track of the ones that are most important to you, thus missing out on what is true for you right now.

So during this new moon you are invited to check-in, to explore and be curious about you. To ask those inner questions and then use your curiosity to go deeper within to seek your true pathway ahead.

Trust first on where you are being intuitively guided and then get curious even more and see what is unfolding that is unique to you.

Wishing you many New Moon Blessings, Sarah