New Moon in Cancer: Wednesday June 29th, 2022 12.22pm (SA time)
A Cancer New Moon is about self-nourishment, the journey of your inner child and also what kind of seeds are you planting for the future.
A Cancer New Moon can bring up any inner child pain if present, and often our emotional body may need support during this time. This occurs as Cancer evokes the archetypal energy of the Mother who sits in the heart chakra. So, during this time we are drawn into the relationship, we have with our maternal mother, our mother within and also the Earth Mother. If you find that you need more nurturing during this time, it could be because your journey hasn’t worked out the way you wanted it, so at this time, providing your inner child any some love and healing may be exactly what you need.
After this, empower yourself with the Mother’s strength, balance your emotional body and then ask yourself how do you feel about your journey now? Cancer relates to your home, your ancestry, and your roots. A new moon in Cancer can take us deep into a reflection of our past. The traditions and places of where our ancestry comes from, and the traditions that we witnessed in our childhood define the roots of who we are. It encourages us to reflect with reverence on the past but also in regenerative ways for our future. It also relates to how you feel about your physical home – do you feel safe and secure? And what about the feeling at home within yourself – do you feel comfortable within your own skin? What does the term home look like for you?

Ideas on what to do during this New Moon
• Family time – Whether you are related or not, this new moon is perfect for connecting to whatever you perceive your family to be – even animals or connecting to your ancestors. This new moon helps you to connect to your roots and gives you grounding with those closest to you. Also connecting with family is positive under this new moon as they tend to be more harmonious.
• Look into why you have created your personal boundaries – Boundaries are essential to establish but if they were made from a place of insecurity, fear, jealousy or from another negative place then it’s time to be honest with yourself and redefine what your personal boundary should be.
• Nurture yourself – what is nurture to you? A comforting cup of tea, a deep bath soak or time to yourself to read your favourite book? A cancer new moon asks you to spend some alone time in order to incorporate some deep self-nurture activities that will benefit you.