Full Moon in Gemini 2021
19th December 2021 3.05pm (SA Time)
This full moon is a powerful one.
We have had several months of eclipses, recent planetary alignments and today also marks another retrograde as Venus, the planet of love and money moves into retrograde until Jan 29th 2022.
So in amongst all these astrology events – what does this moon mean for us?
One of the biggest lessons of Gemini is that it teaches us to listen and to trust our intuition but that can only happen if we get out of our own way. Ask yourself
– Is your mind telling you what you should do but your heart is speaking another way?
– Are you living your life in a way that you believe is acceptable by others but ignoring the wise soul within that is trying to guide you to your more authentic truth?
– Ask yourself what versions of yourself are competing against each other because if you are feeling stuck then its likely that these versions are the reason why?
So in amongst the Christmas and end of year chaos, during this full moon just stop a moment. Reach out and connect to this full moon’s energy and then ask yourself these questions. Allow this full moon to open yourself up to your intuition and let it encourage you to explore everything in honest detail. To look beyond what is in our conscious mind and see the unseen truth of what is happening in your life. To see the truth of what has been hidden in plain sight, because your perception has shown you a different picture. To stop and allow your intuitive heart to speak through the mind clutter and show you what you need to accept and what you need to let go.
Then after releasing what you need to, use the energy of this powerful full moon to think about the year ahead and ask yourself – What direction is your intuitive soul pulling you towards? Not to put anything into action right now but to open a doorway for you to explore all avenues from your intuitive soul perspective. Ask yourself – what would make you happy next year and allow those thoughts to bubble up from within. Ponder, explore and when you hit on a thought that makes your heart sing, then the conscious mind can begin the action of how to weave this into beginning in the new year ahead.
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