A full moon’s energy is illuminating as it is reflecting the light of the sun. It shines such a strong light into our current state of being and under the influence of Cancer, her qualities that touch us are Sensitivity, Vulnerability, Intuitive, Nurturing, Tenderness, Self-care, and awareness into our inner child. A Cancer full moon can enhance the emotions that we are feeling at the time to the next level. It is a moon that invites us to take care of ourselves and provide ourselves with some motherly love especially as this full moon is a little more serious than most.

Once a year, the sun and Pluto appear in the same place in the sky, creating some intense energy in our solar system, and for us, it is like shining a torch down to all those emotions we bury so deep. So the full moon Cancer qualities mentioned above could intensify and under Pluto’s influence, you definitely need to expect the unexpected.

So under this full moon, there are 2 powerful paths you can take:

  • Dive into the healing – question what rises to the surface within your emotional or mental body. What do have yet to resolve? What do you need to let go of? What do you need to forgive? Is it time to deal with this – do you perhaps need a good friend to talk to or to seek some advice from your chosen professional? Maybe now is the best time to deal with these questions.
  • Dive into Self-care – climb into a relaxing bath, curl up with a good book or do whatever self-care means to you, but bring in the intention of nurture.

The Cancer star sign is known as the cosmic mother and under this Full Moon, it’s time to let the cosmic mother protect and nurture us all.

The Cancer Full Moon is 18th January – 10.18am (SA Time)