For those of you who haven’t heard of Reiki before, it is a hands-on healing practice from Japan that encourages the flow of life-force energy around the body. Reiki is pronounced Ray-Key, with Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life-force energy. Ki has the same meaning as Chi (as mentioned in Chinese culture) and Prana (as mentioned in Sanskrit.)

Every ancient culture used to have a healing practice that included the laying of hands and the channelling life-force energy however this isn’t special to only some people – it is part of our human abilities to channel this energy. Many of us just forgot how along the way.

Japan was one of those cultures, it still held the ancient knowledge but it was not available unless you knew where to look. This all changed in the late 1800s with a man called Mikao Usui. Reiki has its roots in Tandai Buddhism, a mystical form of Buddhism and Shintoism, the indigenous religion of Japan. Mikao Usui came from a Buddist family and during his life, he was drawn to look for a healing discipline which led him to study ancient texts and together with great meditation he learnt the secrets of channelling life-force energy and the development of this spiritual practice now known as Reiki.

Anyone has the tools within them right now to channel this life-force energy, we have all done it. Think back at a time that you injured yourself and the first thing you do is place a hand on it and often your hand got warm, which is especially the case when a mother does it comfort her child who just bumped themselves. The only difference between this and Reiki is that Reiki gives you a framework of a spiritual self-healing practice to be able to enhance what you naturally have within you.

In Reiki 1 – the first level of teaching, you learn more about the history of Reiki and the 5 principles of Reiki. You learn how to apply Reiki in everyday life as well as in a self-healing ritual, and even how to give a Reiki treatment to a friend or a loved one. This level teaches you the framework to be able to access this energy is a much more powerful way. It also includes four beautiful Reiki attunements, where you receive Reiki’s life-force energy in key spots within your energy system which helps to clear the channelling pathways within your Aura, making it easier for you to access this energy.

Learning how to do Reiki for your self is such a beautiful self-healing gift that you will have access to for a lifetime.

If this interests you, my next Reiki level one is in Adelaide on Sunday the 8th of March, click here to discover more about this workshop.