In 2019 the overarching energy in terms of Numerology is the vibration of the number 3. A year that will finally provide real action to the things that mean the most to us, even if we have been holding those inner most desires close to our chest. This is the year that lends such a powerful vibrational energy that has the potential to set us free, as we will begin to feel more comfortable to let our true dreams and passions manifest.

In Numerology, the yearly vibration comes from calculating the year itself. In other words, 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 and then we break down the 12 further to a single digit 1 + 2 = 3.

Express who you are
The greatest gift of a 3 year to help you shift your vibration to one of joy and inspiration. It is an uplifting year which gives us so much hope after this 2018 year being quite challenging for many of us.
2018 was an 11/2 year. It breaks down to 2 however the number 11 is a significant master number so it also lent its energy to this year. This energy of 2018 forced us to really assess our lives on all levels – work, relationships, friendships, interests and life path. It challenged us to be authentic, to strip away all that does not serve us in order to uncover who we really are. It taught us to let it go and for many of us, we will probably feel the last of this ‘letting go process’ of the 2018 year into part of January this year as well.

A vibrational 3 year encourages us to be our true-selves. I have watched so many clients and friends this past year struggle to be who they truly are due to fear of rejection. However, in reality, this struggle was very much 2018’s process of forcing us to see who we truly are – so in so many ways we have actually done most of the hard work. We have recognised aspects of ourselves that say look at me – I am part of you and now that part is no longer forgotten, and even though you may still hold that fear of rejection, know that the energy of this year will inspire you to embrace that part if you allow it. So in this coming year, we also enter a time for healing, to embrace all the aspects of who you are and then have fun with it!!

2019 will bring out our creativity and through this we will find ourselves want to express our spirit in so many creative, heart-felt, self-expressive, fun and joyful ways. You will feel lighter; your heart will lift, and this will help you bring that joy into all areas of your life. And yes, that may mean change in order for you to be happy however in most cases, you will find it will be easer for you to make that decision.

The Gifts and Strengths of a 3 year:
Self-expression, creativity, artistic, playful, joy, happiness, new ideas and approaches, optimism, imaginative, heartfelt communication, authenticity, raw honesty (but with heart and clarity) and a deeper understanding of the self and your own inner gifts.
It has the potential to deepen our sensitivity, – emotionally, spiritually and psychically. This is because this energy helps us to expand our awareness to connect to our heart and higher selves more easily and this deepening of our sensitivity will also make us more aware and connected to the world around us. On a personal level, we will discover new pathways on our journey that we would have never thought of before and it will give us more of an illumination of our true path in life. This also has the potential to free up our communication centre, to be able to communicate with clarity, freely and from the heart, with true intent. In expressing who you are, you will find it easier and feel more encouraged to speak your truth, and some of you who have been holding back will find that you will no longer be able to sit on the side lines and be encouraged to speak up for yourself or even for a cause or a movement that you are passion about.

The Challenges of a 3 year:
Grounding – This year has the potential to set you free and really fly in your desired direction but if you are not a very grounded person to begin with then this will be a challenge and it may you leave feeling scattered and unorganised. So spend some of that expressive, creative joy in nature as you will need the extra grounding support.

Learning to protect your energy but still interact with the world – As this year carries an energy emotional sensitivity (as we begin to connect deeper to our heart space and higher self,) those of us who are already sensitive need to be aware of our energy so that we don’t take on the world’s problems, but it is important that we don’t hide away either. Instead deepen your practice of energetically protecting your aura and practice setting an intention of an awareness only when it comes to those situations that overwhelm you. For example, if you are deeply affected by the energy in your workplace, then this year set an intention that when you go through those doors, you will not take on any energy from this workplace, instead you will only take on board an awareness of the energy around you rather than the energy itself.

Being centred – If you are someone who has been in denial about who you are or an aspect of yourself and you haven’t acknowledged the negative patterning in your life, then the desire of this year to expressive yourself may lead to gossip, being over critical, melodramatic or dishonesty.
Other challenges may involve over coming those self-doubts or fear of speaking the truth, and to minimise and delete the negative self-talk which may run all over us if we don’t stop it in its tracks.

So, like every year a 3 year has its challenges, but it has so much more opportunity as it lifts us up. It is a year to really pull us closer to our true path and we will find the healing we need in the energy of joy, discovering what makes our heart sing and learning to see the wonder around us.


Photo from Micaela Parente on unsplash