The energy of 2022 : Numerology of a 6 Year

In 2022 the overarching energy in terms of Numerology is the vibration of the number 6. In Numerology, the yearly vibration comes from calculating the year itself. In other words, 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

Welcome to a Six year

We are entering a ‘6’ year, the number associated with harmony, unconditional love, compassion, empathy and responsibility. Our goals will go beyond personal wants and work towards connecting with the heart of our community. It is a year to teach us to exist in harmony with others, to accept responsibility for our own journey and to have acceptance for our differences within each other. Those that embrace this year will really set a new pace in their lives and have a positive impact on those around them.

2022 is a year to:

  • Get to really know yourself and what it means to come from your heart space. Allow space for meditations, journaling, being creative and developing your spiritual practice in a way that means something to you.
  • Clear out false friendships from your life and deepen the connection with those who are open to building honest and real relationships. But then take responsibility for your part in these relationships in order to keep them in balance.
  • Recognise that some people and relationships are here to help you grow, to help you to see what you can become and help you understand what has been holding you back, giving you the responsibility and choice to make the positive changes you need to step forward in your life.
  • Really listen – to your own intuitive body, to the natural world around you and to the heart of the person speaking to you. Learn how to hear from your heart space and to receive and give with compassion.
  • Slow down, live more peacefully and mindfully. Do more meditations, tune in to your energetic body more to understand yourself better, take slow walks in nature and plan more self-care days.
  • Make your home a sacred space. Spend January doing some decluttering, cleaning and decorating your home to make it feel sacred to you. A space that when you walk in the door, your shoulders immediately relax, your mind leaves the outside world behind and you begin to feel peaceful.
  • Create the goals from our dreams that we have kept secret within our heart – yes, the big dreams we often hide and think we can’t do it. Well, this year it’s time to dust those goals off and bring them out into the open. Share, speak and lead from your heart space to activate your vision into reality. These dreams are here to be birthed into the world and this is the year to achieve this or at the very least lay the foundations for this to happen.
  • Find the joy and see the beauty in everything around you. Do things that make you smile, plant more flowers and then smell them deeply, admiring their beauty. Do activities that make you happy, try new things and meet new people.
  • Finally, find your grounding. The last couple of years were full of change and many of us lost our way. A 6 universal year gives us a greater sense of nourishment if we embrace it, and this will help us become more grounded in our relationships, a career pathway that we love and a home that is our sacred space.