Received with the deepest of gratitude from my clients and students



I first met Sarah when participating in my first Reiki workshop. Greeted with a warm, calm and friendly smile in a beautiful Adelaide Hills setting. The first workshop was outstanding, clearing some personal blockages and reigniting my spiritual pathway.

I am always excited to visit Sarah for a Reiki “tune up” as my sessions with her are always powerful. After my sessions I feel calm, relaxed, clear, present and more intuitively aware.

Sarah is a true healer and a kind and loving teacher. I am so grateful that my journey has led me to her.

Amanda, Heathfield SA

My Intuitive Wisdom Session was fantastic! Sarah is lovely to talk with, and she helped me to clear a blockage I had to my psychic abilities. 

I received energy exercises to continue my development, and I feel my abilities have definitely awakened since my session. 

I highly recommend connecting with Sarah and using the services offered.

Michelle, Mount Gambier

I’ve just completed level 1 aura healing course online, Sarah was very helpful, caring and knowledgeable during the course and afterwards, allowing me to contact her with and questions and doubts. This course has opened myself up so much, finding out abilities I didn’t realise I had, it’s the greatest feeling. With Sarah’s guidance I also removed blockages within myself with her healing techniques. I look forward to going more in-depth with level 2. Thankyou Sarah, bless you for my new life experiences

Donna Ferguson

I would highly recommend Sarah as a teacher and practitioner. Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she beautifully shares. Her gentle intuitive nature allowed me to feel well supported and guided during the courses I have attended. I have now completed level 1 and 2 Aura Healing and have incorporated the techniques and learnings into my Kinesiology Practice as well as my own personal healing.   Thank you Sarah

Tania Fechner, Kinesiologist at Balanced Beginnings

Beginning the Aura- Healing Practitioner training with Sarah was very exciting, because although I already had a basic understanding of the aura and the chakras, this took me deeper into a whole new realm of knowledge. The information that Sarah presented in Level 1 was detailed, clear and well-structured, and the lectures were supported by comprehensive notes. There is a wealth of knowledge in the notes, collected from Sarah’s extensive experience. In addition Sarah led us through marvellous meditations and visualizations which were alive with colour and image, and worked deeply to balance and align our energy systems. The notes were supplemented with well-written Energy Exercises to practice on a daily basis for self-healing and self-awareness.

Level 2 was hands-on, actually experiencing all that we had learnt about in Level 1, by exploring the aura and chakras of our fellow students. Many extraordinary things were discovered through this subtle body sensing – imbalances, blocks, old wounds from past and present lives, and much more. Throughout this exploration, Sarah was always present, guiding and helping us to discover the intricacies of our subtle bodies, and how to balance and restore harmony, to remove blocks and to bring healing. Throughout the two Levels, she was always available for questions and guidance, and her encouragement to trust our own intuition in being able to receive messages and guidance from both our own guides and higher selves, as well as from the client’s, was extremely helpful. 

Doing this training has been an enrichment of my knowledge-base and a marvellous healing experience in itself. I can highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wishes to work in this area, or just to practice healing for themselves.

Helen Cameron