There are many different types of healing being taught in the world today, but core of every healing is channeling of life-force energy. Life-force energy is present everywhere and is used by every plant, human and animal on this earth. It circulates within and around us. This Life Force energy has also been called Prana, Divine energy, Chi and simply Energy just to name a few.

We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves, and our bodies support us through being in a constant state of maintaining balance within. In the past, it was normal for our ancestors to access their intuitive ability to use the life-force energy to maintain a vibrant healthy energetic system. However, many generations later, we have forgotten to look within and instead shifted our focus to everywhere but ourselves for maintaining a healthy balance.

Life-force energy is what maintains our energetic body and when your life energy is low then you are more prone to illness, so this energy is vital for every living thing.

Hands on Healing is a way our bodies intuitively understand how to channel life-force energy into our energetic body and when we find time everyday to practice this, we not only honour our selves with a beautiful energy healing, but we are intentionally bringing more life-force energy into our Auric Body. In doing so we are strengthening our channeling abilities and increasing the life-force energy within us that helps to maintain our body.

So how do we find the time to do this everyday in our busy lives? Here are some little suggestions to inspire you to find some healing time.

  1. Spend a couple of minutes each night before you go to sleep. This is the easiest way to bring hands-on healing into your life and a wonderful way to relax you before sleep. To do this, you can intuitively place your hands anywhere on your body that you are drawn to do, however if you place one hand on your Heart Chakra and the other on your Solar Plexus Chakra, it has a beautiful relaxing effect and helps to calm down your energy.
  2. You could make it part of your morning routine. Set your alarm clock just 10 minutes earlier and begin the day with some energy healing. Similar to above, you can place one hand on your Solar Plexus Chakra but this time, one hand on your Sacral Chakra which helps to activate the energy in your system for the day ahead.
  3. While you are waiting. There are so many times during the week where we are waiting in line or waiting to see someone. Take this opportunity to do some hands-on healing during these moments.
  4. Do a weekend healing session somewhere in nature – where it’s your backyard or local park. Bring your attention to present and feel the life-force energy move through your hands into your body. This opportunity is also excellent for giving back to the earth through channeling healing energy back into the earth or the trees around you.
  5. Set up a healing time for yourself once a week. This suggestion also promotes some self-love time– something many of us don’t do enough of. Create a space where you will be undisturbed for 30mins and dedicate some hands-on healing on each of your Chakras. This gives you a complete healing and will vitalise your energetic body.

I hope this inspires to do some more hands-on healing in your life and enjoy the benefits of increased life-force energy.
Blessings Sarah