The New Moon began this morning at 2.33am. The journey of this Piscean New Moon is like imagining you are diving deep into the ocean. There is so much hidden within that we are unaware of yet it is during this moon that our deepest truths are often revealed as they tend to bubble up to the surface, and if we allow this to occur with an open heart then we can catch those bubbles instead of them catching us unaware.
Like all water signs, our emotions can be quite heightened during this time, so it can be helpful to consciously take the steps to still your mind, in order to become reflective & calm so that you can clearly see what emotions are showing themselves. The calmer we can be, then the greater chance we have to tap into our intuitive insight and gain understanding to what needs to be cleared.
It is because of this energy, that the Piscean New Moon is perfect for setting intentions for healing, especially on our emotional body and on our shadow self (blockages buried deep.) It is also very much a month for manifesting love especially self- love, kindness and compassion to help support your journey. 
Be kind to yourself and remember to find time every day to look after yourself and put yourself first.

Image by Ian Keefe from unsplash