Meditation – Individual Sessions

Meditation is an amazing healing tool that can help to bring a greater level of Healing and Balance back into our lives. It is the best tool we have to begin a greater connection with our inner selves, thus empowering our journey in life. Individual Meditation Sessions are available in 2 categories: Meditation for Health and Meditation for a Deeper Connection.

Meditation for Health: From a healing prospective, Meditation can help to • Calm the mind, • Improve overall health, • Improves our sleep patterns • Help to bring a sense of balance back to our emotional self • Help to bring a clarity back into our lives and in particular in can give direction into our lives. During Meditation for Health sessions you will learn how to relax the mind, learn about mindfulness, the importance of the breath, and how to find that peaceful place in your mind that helps you to find relaxation. (An awareness of these areas can be found in one appointment but achieving all of these things will take more than one session.)

Meditation for a Deeper Connection: Through Meditation we can • Connect within • Enhance our spiritual wellbeing • Cleanse and Clear our energy and Aura • Meet our spiritual guides • Feel a deeper connection with the Divine During Meditation for a Deeper Connection sessions you will learn how to relax into a meditation, how to connect within, how to do a self-healing meditation that cleanses the Chakra and Aura System, and how to meet your spiritual guides. (Achieving all of these things will take more than one session.)

No Meditation experience is necessary and if in fact it can be most beneficial for someone first starting out on their inner healing or spiritual journey. A Meditation (In Person or online) Session Cost is $ 75 AU (GST Included.) Duration is approx 75min for the first session and $50 AU (GST Included) with a duration is approx 45min for the follow up sessions. To book a session and to find out more information then please contact me via the Contact Page