Today is a new moon in Leo, under the sun of Leo. Leo energy is known for its fire, to be pushed out into the spotlight and letting the world see you and how amazing you are. It gets us out of our comfort zone and encourages us to step out on that stage. However many I know feel more introverted than ever and the way the energy of the stars are moving especially this month, it would be easy for you to feel like its more ‘battle down the hatches’ type of energy rather than the expansion Leo has the potential to bring.

But what if there is more than one kind of spotlight.

What if this energy is more like a mirror and the spotlight is actually shinning on your inner self for your conscious self to truly see you.

To see the light within – for no one else’s viewing but yourself.

To see it shine bright.

To feel your heart.

To feel, see and know your hidden wounds and to have the courage of the lion to love them anyway.

To feel and know the potential of transformation within.

May it be a powerful, healing and loving day for you all.