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How I can help you

Every living thing on this planet is surrounded by an energy field which we call an Aura, and each day, our energy field interacts with all sorts of energy. For example, we encounter pure life-force energy when surrounded by nature which can be cleansing and balancing, we encounter love energy by those closest to us and sometimes in the kindness of strangers which can be positive and uplifting, and then we can unfortunately, encounter negative or unwanted energy from either our own personal blockages and fears within coming to the surface or from toxic environments such as negative workplaces or people which can impact our energy field and send us out of balance. And this is where I can help.

Regardless of the energy modality, there are three parts to any Energy Treatment:


During a healing, I work through your energy field and clear out any negative or unwanted energy. These can occur for many reasons but here are just some of the examples people may experience:

  • If you work or live in a toxic environment then there could be a lot of other people’s negative energy in your aura which might cause you to feel a mental fog, feeling stuck or even a heavy feeling that you can’t explain.
  • If you feel exhausted after being in the company of others or struggling when visiting the local shopping centre, then your boundaries may be weakened or there may be leaks within your Aura, as you are taking on board other people’s energy opinions or even problems.
  • If you have had an old internal energy blockage that has come up to the surface for clearing. When our energy field is healthy, these blockages are naturally released from the Aura, however, if we are blocked or out of balance in anyway then they may become stuck and even cause unexplained thoughts or feelings. This is when an energy treatment can help to release these.
  • If negative energy is being sent to you from another person (called psychic attack,) which has resulted in your energy centres becoming blocked or you have negative energy indicator symbols in your Aura such as daggers, hooks, binding, draining cords etc. then you may feel a little lost, not feeling yourself, a loss of personal power or find it hard to make decisions.


After and also during the cleansing process of the Aura, I channel life-force energy into the Aura in order to rejuvenate your energy field and fill up any energy holes, leaks and also the holes left behind after the removal of any serious negative energy.

However, with some Energy Treatments, Rejuvenation can be the main part of the treatment. For example, if a client is working long hours at work, taken on a demanding project, recovering from an illness or even training for a marathon then their energy field could be quite depleted and thus the main emphasis of the Energy Treatment is that their energy field needs ‘filling up’ with life-force energy in order for their energy centres to operate normally.

Balance and Alignment:

During a healing, the energy field is in a constant state of movement as it releases blockages and old energy. An important part of the treatment is to make sure that the Aura is balanced and comes back into alignment before finishing.


Booking information for In-person appointments

In-person appointments are from Intuitive Wisdom’s Healing Studio based between the Adelaide Hills and the Barossa Region. During the session you lie on a massage table (fully clothed) and comfortable with pillows and blankets if needed. After the session, I then discuss what I found within your energy field and any further advice that intuitively or psychically came through during the session. To make an appointment, please contact me via the contact page.


Booking information for phone or zoom appointments

Many of my clients enjoy having their treatments in the comfort of their own home and a energy treatment via phone or zoom is just as powerful as an in-person one as I see and feel your Aura as if you were right in front of me. Also I work with your spiritual guides during the session to ensure your energy field is clear, rejuvenated and in perfect alignment by the end of the session.

The session begins with a small guided relaxation meditation and an opening of sacred space for the healing treatment. If the session is via zoom then you are welcome to turn the camera off during the healing if you prefer. After the session, I then discuss what I found within your energy field and any further advice that intuitively or psychically came through during the session. To make an appointment, please contact me via the contact page.


My Intuitive Wisdom Session was fantastic! Sarah is lovely to talk with, and she helped me to clear a blockage I had to my psychic abilities.

I received energy exercises to continue my development, and I feel my abilities have definitely awakened since my session.

I highly recommend connecting with Sarah and using the services offered.

(Zoom Sessions)

Michelle, Mount Gambier

I first met Sarah when participating in my first Reiki workshop. Greeted with a warm, calm and friendly smile in a beautiful Adelaide Hills setting. The first workshop was outstanding, clearing some personal blockages and reigniting my spiritual pathway.

I am always excited to visit Sarah for a Reiki “tune up” as my sessions with her are always powerful. After my sessions I feel calm, relaxed, clear, present and more intuitively aware.

Sarah is a true healer and a kind and loving teacher. I am so grateful that my journey has led me to her.

(In-person sessions)

Amanda, Heathfield SA

Sarah’s work is amazing.

I was a little sceptical about the concept of remote treatments but the connection is definite. 

Thoroughly recommend. 

(Phone Sessions)

Rani, Adelaide SA