Tonight our women’s circle is gathering but I wanted to share with all of you, the energy that is flowing tonight so that you can work and understand this powerful full moon. If you can, spend some time meditating with this energy and align yourself with your inner wisdom and higher self.

Under this full moon we are working with the moon in Gemini that is reflecting the light of the Sun which is in Sagittarius.

Gemini is all about communication and this is on all levels – communicating to ourselves, to those around us, to our loved ones and to our higher selves – our inner soul, and also to spirit and the divine. It’s energy can help us either to communicate from the heart, our intuition and the wisdom above or it can tap into any negative thought patterns we may have or those echoed in the world around us.

This star sign can sometimes be the battle between the ego (our conditioning and mental belief patterns that we have that may or may not suit us) and that of our true self, (our intuition and inner wisdom.) And this can have us communicate and be who we truly are, or it can pull us in the wrong direction and communicate the false truths of our ego instead.

Now on a full moon there is an intensity of our emotions and feelings as the moon pulls on the water within us as it does to a tide of the ocean. In particular, the moon also reflects the sun’s energy and with it, the astrological energy of where the sun its. Tonight, this is Sagittarius.

Sagittarius will aid our journey to align ourselves with our intuition and higher-self. It has boundless faith, deep gratitude and knows anything is possible. However, as this energy is coming from the sun and reflected into the Gemini moon then we also need to acknowledge that Sagittarius’s beautiful communication is to have the freedom to express ourselves freely when-ever and where-ever we likes.

So tonight, we have a choice, we can either listen to the negative programming within and around us, or we will align ourselves with our inner truth, to have the freedom and love to express who we are. To give and teach ourselves a higher level of communication so that we can rise above any negative influence of our ego.

Image: Gemini by Jake Baddeley