Crystal Oracle Workshop

Spend the day learning how to do Crystal readings for yourself as well as others.

The vibrational energy of crystals holds so much information and when they come into contact with our Aura, they resonate in such a way that the healing we need for our Aura is magnified within the crystal. From here, not only do we receive healing energy from the crystal but we can then tap into the crystal’s wisdom for us to read.

Crystal readings can give us some of the most intuitive wisdom in understanding our path ahead and can be used as a stand alone divination method or together with oracle cards.

This Workshop includes:
– Cleansing, Clearing & Protecting your Sacred Space
– Crystal Grids for Protection & for amplifying your divination and readings.
– Cleansing, Programming and Care of your Crystals
– Tapping into the energy and wisdom of your crystals
– Learning various ways you can use your crystals for readings.
– Plenty of reading practice.

Limited places available. Cost is $85
Cost includes notes and a Crystal Pack – 7 Chakra Stones and a raw clear quartz
Please bring notepad, pen and your own lunch

Date: Dates & Venue for 2020 will be set shortly
Venue: Mount Pleasant, South Australia, Address is provided with registration.

To book please email