Aura Healing Level 1

Self Healing & Psychic Development Level

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Online, over 7 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm (SA Time)

Would you like to know more self-healing techniques or perhaps deepening your intuitive and psychic abilities?
This course has had wonderful success as an interactive online course because by doing this level over a 7 week period, gave participants the time and the skills to really deepen their psychic and intuitive abilities and develop an empowering self-healing practice. This is because participants had a chance to absorb the information, ask any questions they needed to and then put it all into practice, giving them the grounding they needed to implement a positive change in their lives and also to feel confident before going onto level 2 should they choose to.

So would you like to deepen your psychic, intuitive and healing skills and join us for the next one?

This is a powerful course for understanding your own energy system, learning how your entire Chakra and Aura system works and how it is all connected. It will teach you how to tune into your own Aura in order to facilitate the healing process for yourself through clearing blockages in the energy fields such as negative or unwanted energy, old energy patterns, or psychic attack; all of which may cloud a person’s energy. You will then be taught how to repair and re-balance the Aura back to its natural state, encouraging your body to begin its natural process of self-healing.

Finally you will be introduced to facilitating an Aura Healing for another person, giving you the grounding skills to be able to provide energy healings for friends and family and preparing you for level 2 – the practitioner level should you be interested in taking your training further.

Aura Healing is a certificate course and accredited with International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

The Course will be done live over zoom for 7 weeks, starting on Tuesday February the 2nd at 7pm (South Australian time) to approximately 9pm, with the first evening going to 9.30pm. This will be backed up by course information provided via an online learning platform, which will provide you with detailed notes each week that include a variety of intuitive and psychic exercises, plus healing meditations and techniques.

The Cost of the course: $260, with a $60 non-refundable deposit required to secure your place.

To ask questions or to receive the booking details, then please contact Sarah here

This level 1 Aura Healing course will give you a powerful grounding in Self-Healing where over the 7 weeks you will experience:

  • A live interactive workshop each week over zoom where you will be able to ask any questions you need to during the course.
  • Detailed notes of the course material for each week to support the course.
  • Plenty of practical work such as Healing Meditations and Self-Healing Practice including learning different healing techniques.
  • Learn valuable exercises for protecting, cleansing, and maintaining your Aura.
  • Learn how to tune into your own energy field and identify and shift blockages within.
  • Learn about your psychic and intuitive gifts – how to identify them, use them and exercises to awaken them further.
  • The entire Chakra and Aura System including outer body Chakra and Aura layers.
  • Learn how to give an entire Aura Healing to yourself.
  • Receive an introduction on how to give an Aura Healing to family and friends.

Aura Healing Level 1 full description:

Note – along with the below topics, most weeks will include:

  • Learning and practicing in tuning into your own Aura and energy system.
  • Healing Meditations, Self-Healing Practice including learning different healing techniques.
  • Learn valuable exercises for protecting, cleansing and maintaining your Aura.
  • Learning the power of Sacred Space Creation and Intention Setting.
  • Although all of the above will help to open and enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities, there will be an additional exercise to enhance these abilities as well.

Week 1 Core Topics:

  • Welcome and Introduction.
  • Understanding Sacred Space Creation & Healing energy.
  • Intuitive and psychic gifts – understanding what they all are and learning to work with them during a healing & in everyday life.
  • How a healing works and understanding the importance of resonating energy.
  • Types of Energy, Blockages & Psychic Attack—what they truly are and how they manifest in the Aura.
  • Introducing techniques on how to tune into your own Aura (and this will expand each week.)

Week 2 Core Topics:

  • The core structure of the Aura and how we are connected to energetic planes around us.
  • Base and Earth Chakras, and their corresponding Aura Layers.
  • Understanding the importance of Grounding.
  • Working with Earth energy.
  • Clearing, cleansing, and protecting your healing space.
  • Connecting within to your Intuition, trusting the process and how to channel Healing Energy.
  • Different ways to channel healing energy.
  • What to do if you cannot feel the energy or tune into your Aura.

Week 3 Core Topics:

  • Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakras, and their corresponding Aura Layers.
  • What it means to be an Empath.
  • Different ways to scan your Aura through feeling/seeing/knowing your way through the Aura.
  • Understanding different types of energetic blockages and what they mean to you.
  • Introducing a full Chakra Balance Healing.

Week 4 Core Topics:

  • Heart & Higher Heart Chakras, and their corresponding Aura Layers.
  • What it means to be energetically out of alignment, how to scan for this and bring yourself back into balance.
  • Understanding the role that the spirit realm plays in a healing.
  • What to do if a blockage does not move.

Week 5 Core Topics:

  • Throat & Third Eye Chakras, and their corresponding Aura Layers.
  • Seeing Auras and Aura Colours.
  • Intuitive Aura Healing.

Week 6 Core Topics:

  • Crown & Upper level Chakras, and their corresponding Aura Layers.
  • Introduction to working with the upper level Chakras.

Week 7 Core Topics:

  • How to do a full Aura Healing on another person – all the components.
  • Ethics of working on another person.
  • Bringing the whole course together and any final questions.

Please note the following terms of the course:

  • All Zoom Calls will need all participates to have video and voice options to participate and get the most out of this course.
  • Notes of the course material which will be sent out each week to support the course will be presented in pdf format.
  • Numbers are limited for this course to enable a comfortable setting for all participants and to ensure that every participant has a chance to ask questions should they choose to.
  • Aura Healing is a certificate course and accredited with International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. You do however need to complete level 2 before you can use this modality in a professional setting.
  • All participants will need to be respectful of other participants feelings, life journey and belief systems as any abusive behaviour towards others attending the course will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the course.

To ask questions or to receive the booking details, then please contact Sarah here



I’ve just completed level 1 aura healing course online, Sarah was very helpful, caring and knowledgeable during the course and afterwards, allowing me to contact her with and questions and doubts. This course has opened myself up so much, finding out abilities I didn’t realise I had, it’s the greatest feeling. With Sarah’s guidance I also removed blockages within myself with her healing techniques. I look forward to going more in-depth with level 2. Thankyou Sarah, bless you for my new life experiences

Donna Ferguson

Your Aura Healing Facilitator

Your facilitator for these workshops is Sarah Stutley who has had over 20 years of experience working as a Reiki and Aura Energy Healing Practitioner. Sarah had developed Aura Healing over her many years of being an energy healing practitioner and has gained accreditation for the Aura Healing Courses through IICT.

Sarah is also a practitioner of Meditation, Colour & Crystal Therapy and Reiki.  She is also a Reiki Master which compliments Aura Healing beautifully. 

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