Advanced Reiki Workshops

Advanced Reiki Workshops

If you are passionate about Reiki and are looking to expand your Reiki knowledge then these workshops will take you on a whole new journey with Reiki. They are designed for all those who have completed their Reiki 2 and even if you have not studied Reiki with me before, you are still most welcome to attend these workshops. Each workshop is a stand alone workshop.

How the Advanced Reiki 2 workshops are a stepping stone to the Reiki Master Program

The Advanced Reiki Workshops can expand your skills on their own however should you be interested in doing your Reiki Masters then they also form part of the Reiki Master Program. Any three of these completed workshops, plus the 2 compulsory Master workshops and a log book of hours will give you your Reiki Master certificate. This program not only provides you with plenty of Reiki Practice but also gives you many tools as a practitioner. Should you wish to know more about the Master Program then please click here

There are seven Advanced Reiki workshops available. These workshops are:

Advanced Reiki Techniques
House and Space Clearing with Reiki
Healing with Reiki and Crystals
Healing with Reiki and Colour
Reiki Healing with Animals
Reiki Healing for the entire Aura and the Chakra System
Marketing a Reiki Business

Please note that these courses will expand your Reiki skills but as they are one day courses, they are not certificate courses on their own but they do form part of your Master certificate should you follow that path. 

Should you have any questions about these courses then please do not hesitate in contacting me via the Contact Page

Reiki Master

Your Reiki Master for these Practitioner Courses is Sarah Stutley who has had over 18 years of experience as a Reiki Master. She is passionate about Reiki and has spent many years furthering her skills with ongoing Reiki research and training to bring you a complete Reiki learning path.

Sarah is also a practitioner and teacher for Meditation, Colour & Crystal Therapy and Aura Healing. Sarah had developed Aura Healing over her many years of being an energy healing practitioner which is a perfect compliment to Reiki. She has also developed her own accredited practitioner certificate course in Aura Healing and for more information on Aura Healing, please click here

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