Workshops & Classes

Meditation Classes & Workshops on Colour, Oracle Reading, Chakras, Energy and more

From regular classes to once off workshops, I offer all sorts of workshops and classes that will inspire you on your journey and help you to find you inner path. As a new workshop arises for this year then the link will be added to the drop down menu under workshops and classes. The best way to keep up to date with this years workshops and classes is to sign up to our newsletter as this will have all our class, workshop and practitioner course information.

If you wish to book into a class or workshop simply leave me a message on the contact page

Women’s Circles and Gatherings

Each month I create a sacred space for women to gather to learn, discover, be supported, be empowered and most importantly to be inspired on their own intuitive journey. These circles are held on either the new or full moon, and they are called the New Moon Red Tent Circles and the Full Moon Crystal Meditation and Healing Circles. Occasionally there is also related day gatherings and retreats. Follow this link to the Women’s Circles & Gatherings Page.