Hi all,
Well this year is fast coming to an end and what a powerful challenging year it has been!
In numerology terms, we are in a 9 year, (2+0+1+6 = 9) and in global terms this indicates that globally we are all experiencing a 9 energy. In numerology, a 9 represents patterns, processes and cycles that are coming to an end. On a grand scale this could be that the way corporations and governments have been doing things are just not working and many industries are now realising that they must change to survive. Whereas on a personal scale, it represents a time where we are given many opportunities to heal old wounds, to let go of what no longer is good for us and to finish those projects we never got around to finish.

This energy is important because next year carries the energy of a 1, (2+0+1+7 = 10 which breaks down to 1+0 = 1) which is at the beginning of a new cycle and holds the potential to create an abundance of new beginnings. In dealing with our unfinished business now, we get to clear it out of lives rather than to take this old energy into the next cycle.

Many of us, including myself, have really felt this energy as old wounds have awakened this year to be healed. So many of us have had quite a healing journey which at times has been tough but the blessings in this journey and at the very heart of the 9 energy is to prepare us for the new cycle in the energy of a 1 year. I have had so many clients who have started to awaken to their soul’s true purpose and are beginning to have a greater understanding of the path their soul is calling to them to.  They have felt the energy of this new cycle coming and wanted to respond, however we need to honour the energy we are in now. Some have recognised this and have intuitively known that starting this new path needs to wait till the new year however for many of us we have felt the frustrations in wanting to start this path now, but if we try, we find that energetically there seems to be road blocks stopping us. If you are one of these people and are receiving ideas relating to the 1 year then consider writing them down, this way they are there for you when you need them next year and the time is right. By doing so you are also able to bring your thoughts back to the present and honour the 9 year as it begins to wrap up. We need to recognise the importance of the 9 journey – of finishing up old projects, of changing old and often unhealthy habits so that we have the free time and energy to dive in to what next year holds for us.

So with just over a month to go before the end of this year ask yourself – what have you been putting off that you should be doing now? What bad habit can you clear to be healthier (in mind, body and soul) in the new year? It may even be an advantage to start a list, to be conscious, present and honest with yourself on what you would like to clear. You may not be able to complete everything on the list but if you honour that part of your journey by putting your intention into clearing these things then you will find they will release when the time is right even if it means finishing things off early next year.

Sending love and healing to all of you on this journey of soul searching, and if things get tough or confusing then you may wish to try a healing to help you to clear out this old energy.

Much love and blessings Sarah