Reiki Level I & II Practitioner Courses

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing system, that teaches you how to work with universal life force energy to bring balance and healing firstly back to your own energetic system, and then to the energetic system of others. There are three levels of Reiki – Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and then Reiki Masters. Your Reiki Master for these courses is Sarah Stutley of Intuitive Wisdom, who has over 17 years of practicing and teaching experience.

Reiki I Certificate Course

Reiki Level 1 is the beginning of a gentle yet powerful healing journey where we learn how to work with universal life force energy to bring balance and healing back to our energetic system. It is the first step in healing where we gain an energy awareness of our own being and learn the techniques for self-healing, along with how to give a Reiki Treatment to others as well.

During the workshop, you will receive 4 Reiki Energy Attunements which will help to deepen your ability to channel energy, plus we practice a self-healing practice method which helps to improve your intuition and deepening your meditation practice.

The workshop covers:
• The History of Reiki
• Understanding the Universal Life Force energy and how Reiki works
• The benefits of Reiki on our energy system
• Reiki Hand placements for both self-healing and the healing of others.
• Meditating with Reiki
• Learning to use Reiki with crystals, animals, our homes, food, water, objects and in nature healing.
• Discussion of the Chakra and Aura system.
• Creating, setting up and cleansing a sacred space for healing
• And most importantly, Grounding information and techniques to help you balance this new energy into your life.
Throughout the day we are working with this Life-force energy through meditation, the Reiki Attunements, self-healing, working with Crystals and the healing of others.

Please note the teachings of this Reiki system are that of Dr Usui and is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. Reiki is a system that is non-religious.

Reiki 1 is a pre-requisite to Reiki Level 2 which takes you on the journey for becoming a Reiki Practitioner and deepens your practice through the learning of Reiki symbols and techniques such as distance healings.

The Cost of the course is $140, which includes a Reiki Manual, Reiki 1 Certificate and Refreshments.

Please bring your own lunch, pen and notepad.
This is a day course that runs from 10am to 3.30-4pm

Dates & Venue: New dates are currently being set at the moment, however please contact me if you wish to be on the waiting list for the next course or notified when these dates are available.

There is a maximum of 6 students per Reiki 1 course, this then gives students the time and space to absorb the information, ask questions, receive individual attunements and work with this energy.

To place a booking, ask questions or for more information then please contact Sarah via the Contact Page

Reiki II Certificate Course – Practitioner Level

Reiki Level 2 is the next stage of the healing journey where you will enhance the skills you have learnt during Level 1 and deepen your connection to the universal energy, all while strengthening your abilities to channel this energy.

During this course, you will receive two Reiki Attunements, learn three powerful symbols that will enhance your Reiki practice and receive a greater understanding of providing a Reiki Treatment for another person.

The workshop covers:
• A review of the level 1 Reiki Course
• Learning how to draw and use Reiki Symbols, and understanding how they can enhance your self-healing practice and healings for others.
• Learning techniques such as Gassho, Reiki-Ho and Chiryo to deepen your work with Meditation, giving treatments and working with the Reiki Principles.
• Distance Healings and the techniques to do this.
• How to send Reiki to a group of people.
• Techniques for working with the emotional and mental energy of the Aura
• Learning to bring healing to Past lives, the present and future lives with Reiki
• Setting up your Reiki space for healing including the cleansing and the protection of your space using Reiki Symbols.
• Learn how to energetically scan the aura for blockages.
• Reiki II Ethics for healing others
• How you can use Reiki and Reiki Symbols throughout the Aura and the Chakra System
• Practitioner Information from creating your own Reiki business to keeping client records.
Throughout the day we are working with this Life-force energy through meditation, the Reiki Attunements, Self-healing techniques, and the professional healing of others.

The Cost of the course is $180 which includes a comprehensive Reiki 2 Manual and Refreshments. You will receive a Reiki 2 certificate which is the practitioner level, giving you the qualifications to start your own business, including access to membership to associations such as IICT and insurance.

Reiki 2 is a full day workshop from 10am to 4pm, and please bring your own lunch, pen and notepad.
Dates for the next Reiki 2 workshops are currently being set, please join the mailing list for the next Reiki 2 date or email me through the Contact Page

Dates & Venue:

Mt Pleasant: Sunday 2nd December 2018. Venue is the Intuitive Wisdom Healing Studio in Mt Pleasant – address given upon booking.

Reiki 2 certificate training has a maximum of 8 participants, giving each student the space and time for learning and asking questions.
To place a booking, ask questions or for more information then please contact Sarah via the Contact Page

Reiki Master

Your Reiki Master for these Practitioner Courses is Sarah Stutley who has had over 17 years of experience as a Reiki Master. She is passionate about Reiki and has spent many years furthering her skills with ongoing Reiki research and training to bring you a complete Reiki learning path.

Sarah is also a practitioner and teacher for Meditation, Colour & Crystal Therapy and Aura Healing. Sarah had developed Aura Healing over her many years of being an energy healing practitioner which is a perfect compliment to Reiki. She has also developed her own accredited practitioner certificate course in Aura Healing and for more information on Aura Healing, please click here

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