Red Tent Goddess Gatherings

Support – Empower – Create a community – Sisterhood – Ritual
Honour the divine wisdom and love in each sister

Red Tent Goddess Gatherings are created each month with the intention of building a community of sisters in order to support and empower women through honouring each soul with love, wisdom and respect.

Each evening has the opportunity to work with one or more of the following beautiful energies:
– Creating a safe sacred space
– Meditation for healing, deepening intuition and soul work
– Moon Astrology & Earth Wisdom
– Oracle Reading and honouring our intuitive gifts
– Exploring our creativity with soul crafts
– Healing Circles
– Colour and Crystal Wisdom in healing, divination & soul wisdom
– Sharmanic Wisdom from many ancient cultures.
– Honouring the Divine Feminine in each of us

Red Tents are a traditional sacred women’s gathering held on the new moon where women would gather to share wisdom, support each other, and connect to the wisdom of the moon cycles and nature. It is a time to learn the sacred arts of healing, divination, self-love and trusting one’s own intuition and wisdom.

These monthly gatherings will always be held on a Friday and as such will not always be on a new moon as it is for the first friday night however the advantage to this is learn to work with all cycles of the moon from the new moon to waxing, full and waning moons.

Each Gathering is facilitated by Sarah of Intuitive Wisdom who along with being a Red Tent Facilitator, has had over 15 years of experience as an Aura, Reiki and Meditation Practitioner and Teacher.

The evenings run from 7pm to approx 9pm
Cost is $20 per person and are held in Mount Pleasant, South Australia.

For more information and to book in these events, it is essential to contact Sarah via email at

Next Circle: September 22nd 2017

Join us for our September Red Tent Gathering, a beautiful women’s circle held under a Libra Waxing Moon, and just a couple of days past a New Moon in Virgo.

During this evening discover the moon wisdom of Virgo (the New Moon) and how to work with this and the Libra’s Waxing Moon energy. We will also discuss Honouring the Life Passages of Women and in particular focus on the Maiden within, an energy that is particularly powerful during both during the waxing moon and the season of Spring. On this night it is the eve of the Spring Equinox so there will be a focus on connecting with the land and working with the seasonal energy of Spring.

Divination – we are going to do some flower divination so please bring a flower along with you on the night

This month’s event is in Williamstown. The gathering is 7pm Friday evening 22nd September 2017 with a cost is $20 per person. Payment is required beforehand. If wish to attend then please book at

Image : Source unknown but if you know of the source then please send us an email so we can acknowledge the artist

Friday November 17th 2017

Join us for our November’s Red Tent Gathering, a beautiful women’s circle held on Friday the 17th November, the eve of the New Moon of Scorpio.

Scorpio call us into deepening our connection with our higher self and to transform ourselves past our ego to strengthen our sense of purpose in our lives. On this night we will discuss the moon wisdom of Scorpio, what our ego really stands for and discovering the journey of our true purpose. We will be working with crystals in meditation and also to help raise the vibration of this evening in order to assist our connection with our higher selves.

Divination: We will have a bigger focus on divination this month as the Scorpio New Moon energy will aid with this. Here you will learn a powerful Card Spread to give you an understanding into all aspects of your life. You will also be partnered with another sister for this process as this will help to call in insight for your reading. I will have cards available on the night but if you wish to work with your own then please bring one along.

This month’s event is in Mount Pleasant, SA. The gathering is 7pm Friday evening November 17th 2017 with a cost is $20 per person. Payment is required beforehand. If wish to attend then please book at

Image – Scorpio, By Jake Baddeley