Aura Healing Practitioner Courses

Become an Aura Healing Practitioner

Gain a full understanding of the Aura & Chakra System and help others through being an Aura Healing Practitioner

An Aura Healing is a powerful energy healing that gently works throughout the entire Aura, from the Chakra System to the outer layers of the Aura. In learning this healing technique, you will be taught how to facilitate the healing process for your client through clearing blockages in the energy fields such as negative or unwanted energy, old energy patterns, psychic attack and past life issues; all of which may be clouding a person’s energy. You will then be taught how to repair and re-balance the Aura back to its natural state, encouraging you clients body to begin its natural process of self-healing.

The Aura Healing Course is developed by Sarah after 17 years of working and teaching energy healing. It is accredited through International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) which enables students to gain IICT membership and through this can gain business insurance.

Aura Healing Level 1 is the first level in learning how to give an intuitive healing that clears and balances the entire Aura and Chakra System.

This course teaches you the grounding work to understand how energy and the Aura work, which is why it is not only suitable for those who wish to be an Aura Practitioner but also suitable for those on a self-healing or self-awareness journey.

Aura Healing Level 1 is a 2 day intensive course that is run from 9.30-4pm each day. It is a hands on course where at every aspect you will not only learn but also feel your way through the Aura. You will learn to trust your inner guidance and discover the energy channeling abilities that we all have within us.

During this course you will learn:
-How to create a protective Sacred Space
-Connecting within to your Intuition, trusting the process and how to channel Healing Energy.
-Types of Energy, Blockages & Psychic Attack—what they truly are, how they manifest in the Aura & how to clear them.
-Types of Psychic Abilities and learning to work with them during a healing & in everyday life.
-Grounding & the use of Earth Energy.
-Clearing & Cleansing a space for healing work
-Learning to connect with healing energy and understanding the power of setting an intention for healing work
-The Ethics of working with a client
-How to channel energy & intuitively move through the Aura.
-The Chakra System including the outer body Chakras
-The Aura System and how everything is connected.
–Learning how to do a complete Aura Healing

The Cost of the course is $260 and a $60 deposit is required to secure your place.

It is a certificate course and credited with IICT and when you complete level 2 (the practitioner level), you are able to gain membership with IICT and through this insurance to start your own business.

Venue & Dates:
Course dates are Sat 8th & Sun 9th September 2018.
Venue is Intrinsic Mind Holistic Health and Wellness Centre, at 3/373 Glen Osmond Road, Glen Osmond, SA .

To place a booking, ask questions or for more information then please contact Sarah at

This course is facilitated and designed by Sarah Stutley, in which
she gained accreditation for it through IICT. It has been the result of over 17 years of practitioner and teacher experience of working through the Aura.

To place a booking, ask questions or for more information then please contact Sarah at

To become a practitioner then you will need to complete at least Aura Healing Level 2.

Level one gave you the grounding work in understanding how energy and the Aura works, now Level two will help you to understand how to do a full Aura Healing. This level teaches you the intricacies of the Aura. You will learn about the types of blockages that can occur within the Aura, how to remove them and also the part the spirit realm and the divine light plays within a healing. Aura Healing Level 2 is a 2 day intensive course that is run from 9-4pm each day. It is very much a practical hands on course as this is the only true way of learning Aura Healing. During this course you will learn:

  • Review of Level one and the structure of a healing,
  • Reconfirming the importance of trusting your intuition, & psychic abilities. How to use them to help your clients and what to do when you feel blocked as a practitioner.
  • How to empower your clients with energy knowledge such as how to protect themselves, how to do a basic self-cleanse and how to do a basic Aura/Chakra Reading
  • The ethics of working with another being on a soul level and how to provide a safe environment for your client
  • How to remove general blockages within the Aura and gaining an understanding of how to clear & balance the Aura.
  • Definition of different types of deeper blockages that may appear in someone’s aura and how to remove them.
  • Understanding what it means to hold space for either spirit/divine or the person’s own soul to work in.
  • Understanding healing methods and concepts such as Psychic Surgery, Cord Cutting, Balancing vibrational shifts, and so much more
  • Using vibrational tools such as colour/crystals during a healing.
  • Healing within the Aura Layers – when and how to tune into specific layers for healing
  • Working with Spirit— Both gaining an understanding and how to work with the spiritual beings that may appear (or you may call on) in a healing. From the Divine light itself to working with all spiritual beings of light such as Spirit Guardians, Angels, Ascended Masters etc
  • The Business Basics: Information to know when starting your own Aura Healing business.
  • And finally know that you can do a full Aura Healing in confidence, including protection, scanning and reading the Aura, and clearing and balancing the Aura.

The Cost of the course is $300 and a $60 deposit is required to secure your place.

Dates & Venue:

Mt Pleasant: 16th & 17th June 2018. Mt Pleasant, which is on the outskirts of the Barossa, just 30min from Angaston and 10min from Birdwood, Adelaide Hills. Actual address is given upon booking.

Gawler: 30th June/1st July at Riverdell Spiritual Centre in Gawler, SA.

To place a booking, ask questions or for more information then please contact Sarah at
Aura Healing Level 1 is a prerequisite for attending this course.