Chakra Goddess Workshop

This workshop dives into Chakra knowledge and healing through working with the Goddess energy. It is a workshop that looks at the 7 main individual chakras and the Goddess energies that we can work with to help bring healing and balance back to each one of them.

This Workshop includes:
– Cleansing, Clearing & Protecting your Aura and entering your Sacred Space
– Knowledge of each of the 7 main chakras including understanding the role they play in our energetic system
– Meet the Goddesses that we can work with to guides us with each of the Chakras
– Affirmations, Meditations and Self-Healing Techniques for each Chakra
– Gaining an understanding of the Chakra that you need to work with the most
– Plenty of insight into your own energy, practical exercises to bring your Aura into balance

Limited places available. Cost is $95 and includes notes
Please bring a notepad, pen and your own lunch
Date: Feb 2018

To book please email