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Welcome to Intuitive Wisdom, a place to inspire, teach and help to guide you on your journey. Each service, workshop, meditation or course is designed to help you tap into the very essence of who you are. To empower you to trust within and to learn and discover your true journey in life.
Intuitive Wisdom is also a Learning Academy for those that wish to learn how to help others on their journey. Training courses are offered for Reiki, Aura Healing and for facilitating your own Meditation Classes.

So welcome to our community. Blessings Sarah


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Behind Intuitive Wisdom
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Behind Intuitive Wisdom is Sarah, – a Reiki Master, Aura Practitioner, Colour Therapist, Meditation Teacher and a qualified facilitator of women’s circles. She inspires individuals on their journey with the goal of teaching them how to tap into their own intuitive wisdom. However her main passion is training beautiful souls who have chosen for themselves the path of a healer and facilitator for the journey of others and thus provides training for healing modalities such as Reiki, Aura Healing & becoming a Meditation Teacher.
Intuitive Wisdom is a space that can encourages, inspires and teaches the soul that wishes to connect within.